Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Proud and Frazzled Momma

Proud Momma:  I have to just spend a moment to brag a little. Andrew has been going to Taekwondo for almost 2 months now.  He is the youngest in his class and by far the most "wiggly" (the word his instructor used).  I have steadily seen improvement and he surprises me each week with a new skill.  Last night, he was awarded his white belt for all his hard work. Such big little triumph for him and I was very proud.  I am sure this will be one of many milestones for him as he is entering the world of sports, music, ect.

Frazzled Momma:  Titus on the other hand, cried the whole time and for no apparent reason.  I sat him on the bench and he cried. I put him and my lap and he cried. I put him on the floor and he cried. You get the point.  I was quit embarrassed because here I am trying to make this impossible baby happy and get a video of Andrew receiving his belt. Neither task was accomplished and by the end of class I was sweating more than anyone in that building! I was never so happy to see my hubby pulling in the parking lot and rescue me from my son. (LOL) Would you believe that seeing his daddy was all Titus needed to calm his little self down? I have long known that my boys are totally about their daddy, but that was the craziest thing.
I am hoping tonight's class will go much better!

I leave you with a few pictures that I took of my boys last week.  Have a great night!


  1. So cute! Aren't kids funny like that! Right when you need them to show the world how great they are... meltdown! Ha ha! And, yes, most little boys love their daddy, but I love who Jack runs to when he's hurt or tired! Being a mom is the best job ever!

  2. That's so funny! I've learned my lesson not to try to go anywhere in public by myself with the kids! lol Inevitably, they both are little terrors and make me look like the worst mom ever! lol